Your safety is our top priority

GOKONG offers the same security as Swiss banks. We provide valuable insights while delivering the highest safety standards. Safety is one of our core points at GOKONG. GOKONG offers the same level of security as the online banking solutions of Swiss banks. Our security architecture has been reviewed by leading ETH scientists and is regularly audited by the same specialized security companies that conduct similar audits on banks.

Like many Swiss banks, GOKONG relies on AIRLOCK, a web application firewall by Ergon Informatik AG, which offers a unique combination of protection mechanisms for web applications. AIRLOCK protects web applications and web services from attacks and provides a centralized security control that ensures the smooth operation of web applications and services. GOKONG and 200 customers of Ergon Informatik use the AIRLOCK product to protect their applications.

We do not make money transfers.

GOKONG is a "read-only service"

GOKONG is an analysis and insights platform. We focus on providing unbiased and personalized financial information to our users. Please note that a user can not make or receive payments with the GOKONG platform.

We offer the following services:

1. Security standards at the bank level

2. AIRLOCK firewall for the GOKONG platform

3. Audit of our safety equipment by Compass Security

Security and data protection have top priority at GOKONG. It's also important to be vigilant and understand potential malware threats. There are certain steps you can take as a user:
1. Choose a secure password

2. Update your device with the latest security updates and patches.

Visit the "SWISS INTERNET SECURITY ALLIANCE (SISA)" - and get tips, that help you to identify and remove malware infections from your computer.