What does GOKONG do?

GOKONG is a smart phone application which seamlessly aggregates your bank and insurance data and stores them in an encrypted vault on your phone. The many features give you a full 360 degree view of your finances.

Current features:

  • Activity Feed
  • Budgets
  • Net worth
  • Insurance
  • Spending analysis
  • Transaction log

Will you share my banking information with other financial services providers?

No. Your banking credentials are only stored encrypted on your phone. No personal data ever leaves your phone and is not shared with any third party.

I have encountered issues with UBS Login

When you are logging in for the fist time then you have to explicitly choose how you would like to access your UBS eBanking: either via Access App or Access Card. If nothing is chosen then you will encounter an error.

If you have chosen UBS Access App as Login method then please always click the big green button (not the "Update" one). In this way you will always correctly update your UBS Account data.

I have encountered issues with Postfinance Login

If you want to update or add your Postfinance account please always choose between PostFinance ID and MobileID. If there is nothing selected then you will encounter an error.

What if I don’t share my financial data?

GOKONG is designed to deliver recommendations and value through understanding your finances, by not integrating your data would mean that we would not be able to deliver timely and relevant recommendations that can help you save money.

How can you make recommendations without looking at my data?

Anonymized metadata, is aggregated on your phone and sent to our server where it is used to provide you with relevant content. Your data is stored safely in Switzerland in compliance with Swiss banking regulations. GOKONG cannot identify you from this data. More information is available here.

How do you make money?

GOKONG finances the platform through paid pro subscriptions. For pricing information look here.

I only want to compare my insurance policies…why do you need my banking data?

By integrating your bank accounts we can provide you with deeper insights on your financial footprint and help you to manage your financial profile with timely and relevant recommendations.

I’m having trouble connecting my accounts. How can I get help?

We are working on creating tutorials and videos. Until they are available please feel free to contact us!

OK so I’ve connected my accounts, now what?

Welcome to GOKONG! Thank you! you can start by visiting the dashboard to look at the insights extracted from your financial profile.

What are the benefits to integrating all of my accounts into GOKONG?

Your life has many dimensions, and so does your financial footprint. By aggregating all your accounts in one place you would allow us to provide you not just a complete overview of your finances but also deep insights to help you reach your financial goals