Financial fitness is for everyone!

We at GOKONG believe financial fitness should be achievable for everyone.
You can know, monitor, and control your financial health just like your physical health. So shouldn’t you?

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Make informed decisions every day

You know your physical fitness, and actively monitor it in order to make informed decisions. Your financial health should be no different.

GOKONG helps you see how fit you are. It shows you whether you are over or under insured, what your retirement may look like, or if you are living within your means.

GOKONG is your personal finance coach

GOKONG pools all your financial data into one place and makes it transparent for you. It connects to your financial institutions, automatically categorizes transactions, and gives you power to control your financial fitness.

GOKONG can suggest budgets, monitor your spending and help you identify overlaps or gaps in your insurance policies. GOKONG is a complete financial fitness coach in your pocket.


You control your data

We want you to feel secure. Your data is your most private asset and it should only be available to you. We make your privacy and security our highest priority.

All personal data and credentials are encrypted and stored only on your device, never in the cloud. GOKONG is a convenient, secure, and private place to manage and consolidate your financial data. We use multi-factor authentication and are compliant with local privacy regulations.

Budget your way to success

All your accounts in one place helps you create effective budgets. Our budget recommendations are based on spending patterns of households in Switzerland. Compare yourself to other households in your community.


Tired of overpaying?

Track all your transactions and coverages in one place to identify any overlaps or duplicate spendings.

Unleash your saving potential

Ever wonder where or how you could save more toward your goals? Start with our autmatic reommendations and become a saving ninja!


We support


Credit Suisse, UBS, PostFinance, Raiffeisen, Vontobel, BCV, ZKB, BCGE


AXA, Die Mobiliar, Swiss Life, Allianz Suisse

Independent credit card provers


Investment platforms


Financial information providers

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Own it

Your data is yours, make it work for you. Consider our pro version!


  • 4 Institutions*
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  • Unlimited number of institutions
CHF 10


CHF 53
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*Promotional offer for a limited time
**Promotional price for a limited time (normally CHF 108/Jahr)


One Bank

Whether you have one account with many financial products like credit cards, Pillar 3a etc attached to it. Or many accounts. GOKONG is for you! It reduces the complexity of standardizing all your transactions across different data formats into one meaningful and actionable dashboard.

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